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How to Grow Your Blog with Pinterest

Whether you’re a DIYer, looking for recipes, designing a house, or a budding bride to be, chances are you’ve found yourself seeking inspiration from one little platform that has it all. Pinterest is the perfect place for visual discovery, acting as a beautiful search engine for a broad range of topics. So if you haven’t…

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5 Steps to Get Started on Instagram

Instagram is an ideal social platform for photographers and travelers. It’s a primarily a mobile-based app (though you can access it from a desktop as well) with a strong focus on aspirational photography. Nadia Ali Not only is it a great way to share the photos you take in the course of traveling or visiting…

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10 Reasons To Become A Travel Writer

“It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ole’ buddy, let’s go exploring….” —Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes No wonder I loved reading this comic strip book to my kids when they were little; perhaps I knew, all those years ago, that words between best friends would someday mirror my own travel writing adventure. Because they do. I…

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spend time on social media

5 Reasons to Spend 5 Minutes a Day on Social Media

If you’re like me and weren’t in the habit of doing as much on social media as you would have liked to, I have some exciting news. With everyone staying at home right now people are traveling virtually—dreaming of worldly adventures, pristine natural places and being anywhere rather than stuck at home. Bel Woodhouse –…

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social media freebies

8 Ways to Use Social Media to Snag More Freebies and Perks

Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. Not only can it promote your work and reach audiences that traditional media can’t, social media can be a great way to land perks and freebies. Kristi Dosh Below, I share eight tips for using social media to snag perks as a travel writer/blogger/photographer.…

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finding new stories

How to Find Stories in the New Normal

Pivot with Persistence COVID-19 has changed travel writing dramatically, at least for the near term. Think a year or more. Finding new outlets for our stories, in fact finding new types of stories, is a necessity. It isn’t easy getting the attention of a new editor at a new publication, especially if your portfolio is…

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niche publications

The Benefits of Writing for Niche Publications

As things start opening up locally with projections of local travel becoming the first thing people indulge in, it’s the perfect time to pitch niche publications about your local attractions. An attraction you’ve either been to before or have always wanted to see. It’s an excuse to discover what’s around in your hometown, region, and…

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3 Things to Know About Lightroom’s Interface

Anybody opening Adobe Lightroom for the very first time will be taken aback by the multitude of options and windows they face. The good news is, this graphical user interface (GUI) is not as complicated as it first appears.Some readers may be asking themselves, what even is a GUI? Well, simply put, the graphical user…

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Which Adobe Photo Editing Program Is Right for You?

In the world of post-production photography (aka photo editing) there’s one name that rules supreme: Adobe. There isn’t a professional photographer in all the land who doesn’t use this company’s suite of editing software. From portrait, sports, to landscape specialists and everyone in between, Adobe is their not-so-secret weapon of choice.  But, which of Adobe’s many…

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Travel Writing: 3 Dos and 3 Don’ts

I’ve been writing now for five years. When I made the commitment to launch into the world of travel writing after attending an Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in 2014, I honestly had no idea where the journey would take me. Almost 500 published articles later, it’s exciting to share and pay forward what I’ve learned along…

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