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How Travel Blogging Kept Us Going Through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on most travel bloggers, us included. In March we saw our page views drop by 80%. By April, some of our affiliate partners had advised that they would stop paying out on commissions, and other affiliate partners drastically reduced their commissions. Our newsletter provider Mailchimp came to the…

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Get in Tune With Your Audience to Keep Your Blog Active

Anaïs Skoutariotis As travel bloggers, our goal is to inspire our readers and share our expertise so they can have the best experiences. Creating the right content during a pandemic can be very challenging. It’s important to have insights about your audience and create up-to-date, inspirational content. Below, I’ll guide you through four steps on…

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How I Kept Blogging in a World Without Travel

I am a tour guide, travel writer and blogger, and photographer. I moved from New York City to Paris in 2005.   When the COVID-19 lockdown commenced in Paris in mid-March, the entire city was shut down with the exception of doctor’s offices and essential businesses such as food shops, newsstands, and a handful of other…

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The Lifestyle Benefits of Adventure Photography

In today’s world of affordable photographic equipment that fits in your pocket, the lifestyle of an adventure photographer is within reach of anyone with a smartphone. Now, to become a professional on par with the likes of Chris Burkard, or find work with companies such as National Geographic, takes a lot of time and effort.…

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Use Old Photos to Inspire New Articles

Whenever I get stuck and find myself thinking “there’s nothing to write about,” then it’s time to go looking for inspiration. And inspiration strikes every time I go back and look through my old photos. Every single time. Plus it’s a fun task. For me, this is making a cup of tea and enjoying a…

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The Unexpected Benefits of Published Articles

The twisting mountain road was barely wide enough to let two hotel shuttle vans pass as we climbed to our lodging high above Gero. Unlike the monochrome town below, this ryokan (traditional Japanese lodging) was a work of architectural art that blended in with the dense jade-green forest. The trip to Japan in 2017 included…

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myths about travel writing

5 Surprising Myths About Travel Writing

As a travel writer, I’m often asked how I broke into the field and what I write about. To many, my answers are surprising. That’s because there are so many myths and misunderstandings out there about freelance travel writing. After attending the Ultimate Travel Writers Workshop in 2014, my eyes opened to the myriad possibilities…

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