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5 Tips to Land Press Trips and Perks

By Noreen Kompanik in San Diego, CA One of the “perks” of being a travel writer is access to experiences. This access comes with the job because, in order to write about a destination, we have to experience it. Last year, I was privileged to be invited on 26 individual and group press trips, both…

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composition photography

Composition: Your Photography Treasure Map

A well composed photograph speaks to its viewer, guides their eye throughout the image, and builds a connection between artist and viewer. Kristen Bentz The “wow” factor comes when multiple elements of composition come together like a treasure map to guide your viewer to the gold! In the spirit of social distancing, I’m digging into…

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go to travel writing

3 Ways to Be the Go-To Travel Writer When Lockdown Lifts

In January 2020, I was in NYC with thousands of other creatives, attending the travel industry’s leading media event, Travmedia’s International Media Marketplace (IMM) show. I met with 24 different tourism brands over the day, and walked away with 15 invitations to visit different places—locally, regionally, across the country, and internationally. Theresa St. John How…

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Editor’s Choice – May 2020

Editor’s Choice – May 2020   Is Your Story Editor-Ready? Mary Charlesbois Compare this checklist against a story you’re ready to submit, see if it’s 100% editor-ready. Editor-Ready Story Checklist □ Proofread, check spelling, punctuation, and grammar- Microsoft Word or Grammarly can help with spelling, punctuation, and grammar. -Confirm style with a style guide. Are boat…

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