Travel Blogging

Travel Blogging

Earning six figures from anywhere in the world. Being your own boss and working the hours you wish. Funding your own travel adventures in Tahiti, Hawaii, Japan, Argentina, France, Spain, or anywhere you’d love to be right now. Sound good? Then blogging could be the perfect opportunity for you.

You don’t need previous writing experience. If you have a travel story to tell—and opinions about what you like and don’t like—you can do this.

In fact, you don’t even have to travel! You can blog about whatever interests you most in your own hometown. Mountain climbing, yoga, gardening, event planning, antiques—the possibilities are endless. Here’s the key: if you’re interested, you can bet that others are, too.

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How Do I Get Started in Travel Blogging?

Following are the five most important blogging tips for beginners to remember when you’re getting your blog up and ru¯nning. Do these five things and your blog will already be ahead of the game:


Tip #1: Write for your readers—not yourself
Your blog is about your readers. Every time you write a post, ask yourself how this information will help someone else. It’s fine to share a personal story. (In fact, it’s encouraged.) But the story should have some lessons, some take-away. It should connect, inspire or educate. It should be written for your readers, not for you.


Tip #2: Grow the right readership—you can’t please everyone
If you try to write for everyone, you end up pleasing no one. Readers respond to a blog that feels genuine and honest. And if they don’t respond to yours, then they probably weren’t the right readers in the first place.


Tip #3: Be confident—think big
Regardless of how you feel about the size of your blog, take ownership over your writing. Write with confidence, and people will have confidence in you. Write like you’ve already got a sizable following, and more people will start to follow you. Humility is great, but don’t downplay yourself.


Tip #4: Show your personality
People don’t subscribe to blogs; they subscribe to bloggers. What’s going to make your blog stand out is your ability to make a personal connection with your readers. So let your personality shine. Share stories. Have a real conversation with your readers.


Tip #5: Have fun–don’t always play by the rules. The good thing about being a beginner is that you’ve got lots of leeway to experiment. See what feels right to you and what your readers respond to. Even if something falls flat, you can just move onto the next post. Get up, try again, and don’t be afraid to learn as you go.

For tips on getting started with blogging, along with some simple secrets and practical advice from six-figure blogging expert Paula Pant, check out our program below.

Our Travel Blogging Program

Lots of travelers have blogs. But with our program, you’ll learn how to put together a lucrative travel blog that can fund your travels month after month, week after week, and year after year.

With it, you’ll:

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