What It Takes To Become a Travel Blogger

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Everyone wants to make a living out of traveling, and thankfully it is only getting easier to do! But the question is how?

First, you need to look at yourself and evaluate your capabilities. Are you passionate about sharing your experiences in new places with people around the world? Are you able to write two to three posts (at an absolute minimum, more is better) a week?

If not, it will be exceedingly difficult for you to maintain content for your blog, and you will lose interest after a few weeks, let alone after a few months. However, if you can say yes, then you will succeed in blogging. And I can tell you how…

Patience is a virtue. I cannot stress this enough, money will not flow in overnight. Most blogs fail because the creator was not able to muster the patience it takes to create and run a successful space. It personally took me two years to be happy with the revenue from my own travel page.

Results take time. You need to post regularly to build a relationship with your readers, you need to research to keep fresh ideas flowing, and you need to drive traffic to your page.

But how in the holy heck do you know what to write about? That’s where the research comes in! Your greatest asset as a writer is your search bar. Take a look at the numerous travel blogs around the internet, peek at what they are saying about their escapades.

I will go ahead and let you in on a secret…you can write about anything and everything! From the hotel showers to the crappy rental car company you used that refused you service on a broken-down vehicle.

You should hunt around for which words are bringing in the most traffic at that moment, explore which ads you can cleanly place around your page to generate revenue, delve into photo optimization with keywords, and internally link your other blog posts. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is going to be a major factor in whether you hit or miss with your blog. If you cannot commit the time to research, you cannot hope to successfully manage a blog.

To be successful in blogging, the most important thing you need to know is that content is key. You need clear, concise, and consistent content! Without it, it is impossible to make money through your blog.

Something to remember when writing: more helpful content will result in higher income. Your readers want to know that they can keep coming back to your page to see new, exciting adventures and hear riveting tales of how you sailed across the ocean to reach your destination. They want to hear about what you experienced in Egypt, about how amazing the Japanese hot springs felt against your skin, or about how the culinary delicacies in France brought you to your knees with satisfaction.

You may ask, but what if I cannot travel to these far-flung destinations? A remarkably simple way to overcome this obstacle if you are just starting out is to visit your local hotspots! Just because Mount Rushmore is in your backyard does not mean that I have seen it or know where the greatest local eateries are!

No matter where you are today, you can get your start with blogging. Be consistent and persistent, but most of all, have fun!