Daniel Nahabedian is a freelance travel and cultural photographer.

Just like you, he didn’t start out as a professional photographer. Though he loved both art and travel for many years, and had started playing around with a digital SLR, it never occurred to him that he could make a living from it. Instead, he continued with his “safe” career in the HR field.

It took an 800-kilometer trek along the Camino de Santiago to realize the error of his ways (wasting time in a job he didn’t enjoy) and open his mind to the endless opportunities he could have by traveling the world, camera in hand. Since his 2009 Camino trip, Daniel’s been a full-time photographer, learning about other cultures through his lens...and sharing stories through his photography.

He says of his work: "My personal mission is to share the knowledge I acquire during my travels. The world would probably be an easier place if people understood each other, the different cultures and traditions."

Currently living in Granada, Spain, Daniel speaks five languages and has lived all over the world including seven years in France and three in Thailand. His work has appeared in Travel+Escape, AsiaRooms, Smithsonian magazine, National Geographic website, Matador Network and more.

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