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5 Tips to Take Your Smartphone Photography to the Next Level

If you don’t have a fancy camera, it doesn’t matter. You can start enjoying photography now with just what you carry around in your pocket—your smartphone. Smartphones these days can do just about everything. All of the old myths—cellphone photos aren’t good enough for magazines, cellphone photos don’t have enough pixels for publication, etc.—were debunked […]

How I Earned $800 in Bylines by Looking Back at My Photos

A new year tends to make us look back over the past year. I usually think about what changes to make and what I’d like to accomplish going forward. Then there’s the joy and goldmine of article ideas I find from looking back through travel photos.   Being a visual person, looking back over my travel pictures is how I pay the bills. To give you an idea, […]


Bubblegum Lumberjacks, Self-Replicating Lizards, and Conquering Spanish Invaders

You may be thinking, “Bubblegum lumberjack…what the heck?”, but yes, they are real. It’s one fun example of unusual stories I discovered through local travel. For me, this is the joy of a travel writer’s life. You get to delve deeper into the world around you, experiencing your surroundings on a more comprehensive and profound […]