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Get 3 Fun Ways to Get Paid to Travel

Theresa St. John is a freelance travel writer and photographer based in Saratoga Springs, New York. She started out writing locally about her hometown and has since been published in over a dozen print and on-line publications, recently enjoying "trips of a lifetime" to Ireland, Fiji and Paris while on assignment. She is also a successful contributor to many online stock photography sites. Theresa loves her new life as a freelancer and has plans on traveling to England, Japan and Germany in the next two years!
Theresa St John

6 Tips For A Successful FAM Trip

So, you’ve landed a coveted FAM trip. How exciting! You’re packed and ready to go. Hopefully, you’ve taken the time to review the itinerary your Tourism Representative has put together, both for you and other journalists traveling to said destination. You’re undoubtedly going to have a blast meeting new people, seeing new places, and staying […]

Living The Dream: Become A Travel Writer

I arrived in Oswego, New York, around noon yesterday. A friendly representative of the tourism bureau flashed her mega-watt smile as she greeted me. We spent the next six hours visiting four historic museums, finishing Day One with dinner and a chilled glass of wine, chatting like old friends, watching a brilliant sunset over Lake Ontario… Right now, I’m at “the office,” out on […]