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Theresa St. John is a freelance travel writer and photographer based in Saratoga Springs, New York. She started out writing locally about her hometown and has since been published in over a dozen print and on-line publications, recently enjoying "trips of a lifetime" to Ireland, Fiji and Paris while on assignment. She is also a successful contributor to many online stock photography sites. Theresa loves her new life as a freelancer and has plans on traveling to England, Japan and Germany in the next two years!

Living The Dream: Become A Travel Writer

I arrived in Oswego, New York, around noon yesterday. A friendly representative of the tourism bureau flashed her mega-watt smile as she greeted me. We spent the next six hours visiting four historic museums, finishing Day One with dinner and a chilled glass of wine, chatting like old friends, watching a brilliant sunset over Lake Ontario… Right now, I’m at “the office,” out on […]