Theresa St. John is a freelance travel writer and photographer based in Saratoga Springs, New York. She started out writing locally about her hometown and has since been published in over a dozen print and on-line publications, recently enjoying "trips of a lifetime" to Ireland, Fiji and Paris while on assignment. She is also a successful contributor to many online stock photography sites. Theresa loves her new life as a freelancer and has plans on traveling to England, Japan and Germany in the next two years!

5-Star Resorts With Luxury Treatment: Press Trips Are The Holy Grail Of Travel Writing

Press trips, ah, the holy grail of travel writing. Haven’t we all coveted opportunities to be wined and dined, not only in places a mere drive away, but also in exotic locations that take a boat, plane, train, or combination of all three, to get there? Until I attended Great Escape Publishing’s Ultimate Money-Making Photography […]