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Theresa St. John is a freelance travel writer and photographer based in Saratoga Springs, New York. She started out writing locally about her hometown and has since been published in over a dozen print and on-line publications, recently enjoying "trips of a lifetime" to Ireland, Fiji and Paris while on assignment. She is also a successful contributor to many online stock photography sites. Theresa loves her new life as a freelancer and has plans on traveling to England, Japan and Germany in the next two years!
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Welcome to the Travel Writers Life

…a conversation with Travel Writer/Photographer, Theresa St John Welcome to A Travel Writer’s Life. Our inaugural column is a chat with Theresa St John, also known as GG (Ghost Girl). GG is a highly published freelance travel writer, and a phenomenal photographer. With over 500 stories published, she works domestically in the US and internationally. […]

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3 Ways to Be the Go-To Travel Writer When Lockdown Lifts

In January 2020, I was in NYC with thousands of other creatives, attending the travel industry’s leading media event, Travmedia’s International Media Marketplace (IMM) show. I met with 24 different tourism brands over the day, and walked away with 15 invitations to visit different places—locally, regionally, across the country, and internationally. How exciting! By the […]