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Don’t Fall for These Instagram Traps

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the advice out there about how to grow your following and engagement on Instagram. There are follow-for-follow threads, giveaways, bots, growth services, and more. In the early days of Instagram, followers were everything. If you wanted freebies, comps, or brand collaborations, it was all about how many…

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3 Photos That Changed How I Approach Photography

As a photographer, I experiment a lot with my camera and apply tricks and techniques that I’ve learned during the past years. But sometimes, it’s the photo itself that actually teaches me a valuable lesson to improve my skill and vision. Here are three images that have changed the way I look at a scene…

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5 Instagram Success Tips (That Actually Work!)

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media networks and is a vital tool for any travel blogger, photographer, or writer wanting to increase their online presence. The value of Instagram can’t be underestimated, after all, there are over 500 million users religiously jumping on this platform every day. So, it’s time to…

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Travel Writing Is Like Building a Sandcastle

Who doesn’t love a sandcastle? It dawned on me the last time I was on the beach watching an artisan putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece, that finding success as a travel writer is much like building a beautiful sandcastle. Here’s why. Establishing a firm foundation. Breaking into the world of travel writing requires…

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How a Little Bird Changed My Life

I’ve always joked that if I ever write a memoir, the subtitle has to mention that Twitter changed my life. You might think I am exaggerating…but I’m not. I was an early adopter of blogging, starting my first blog in 2004 to chronicle my law school journey and then a second blog in my last…

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5 Ways to Stay Inspired While Writing from Home

These are challenging times for travel writers. Being confined to home, rather than having the freedom to roam the world at will, is not an easy adjustment to make. Motivation can be difficult to maintain. Here are five tips and tricks to prepare yourself for life post-coronavirus and ensure that you keep your travel writing…

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