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How I Quit My Job to Travel More

Have you ever daydreamed about changing your life in order to get more freedom to travel? That moment when you’d quit your job (dramatically, of course), sell your stuff, pack a bag, and disappear over the horizon? What stopped you? Common sense? Responsibilities? The fact that life isn’t a Hollywood movie and normal people just […]

Find Your Niche in Photography

It took me a while to learn what kind of photographer I am and stop feeling like an imposter when I told people I was a professional. When I was first smitten by photography, I shot everything. It seemed every week there was something new that piqued my interest. Landscapes, pets, kids and family, street and urban […]

3 Tips for Stable Video Footage

Steam rose from the coffee pot and the sunrise glistened off the bay as we pulled away from the dock, with the whole crew  ready for an exciting day of fishing. After a great day on the water and conducting interview segments with my client, the captain of a fishing charter business and his happy […]