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When it comes to saying “I do,” for travel writers that can mean only one thing—writing for bridal/wedding publications. It’s an area of travel writing that caters to the 2.5 million weddings held every year…and that’s just in the U.S. Just looking through a bridal magazine you will see that most of it is about location, location, location, from where to have the nuptials ceremony to the perfect reception to the dream honeymoon.

Destination weddings are a popular choice for couples planning their big day. From tropical paradises to majestic European castles, or even picturesque country surroundings at home, the wedding market is wide open for travel writers.

The language of love

Research and read travel articles from wedding magazines or websites to get an idea of the kind of language used to cater to the prospective bride and groom. Put on your rose-colored glasses and use phrases and vocabulary to add romance and ceremony to your feature. Phrases such as alluring, cozy, gorgeous, pampered, indulgent, intimate, and romantic add that certain matrimonial quality.

The sentences you write should keep the interests of the newlyweds front and center. Here are a few examples:

  • “The possibilities for your honeymoon are endless.”
  • “Meticulously chosen to ensure the most romantic honeymoon possible.”
  • “Start the next chapter of your life together.”
  • “Treat guests to new adventures and an unforgettable wedding.”

Titles to fall in love with

When it comes to your title, editors are looking for something that will appeal to brides and grooms. Get creative, think like a bride or groom. If I were planning my wedding, would this title make me interested in reading the feature? 

For example, look at the following titles:

  • (Name of location) a Monumental City of Love
  • The Top 6 Resorts for a Dream Wedding in (Name of location)
  • A Lush Outdoor Wedding in (Name of location)
  • (Name of location) a Dream Destination Wedding

Dream wedding photography

Getting the right dream wedding photography to accompany your article comes down to the availability of high-resolution photos of locations. Given these locations may be restricted to customers, it could be hard to get access to take your own photos. Contact the venue, the tourist board, or seek out stock photos of weddings applicable to your feature. Alternatively, let the editor know ahead of time that you do not possess photos to complement your piece. You may find that the magazine/website you are writing for already has access to available wedding photographs that they can use.

Editorial calendar

Like with other magazines, you can either drop a line to the editor to ask about their editorial calendar or check out their media kit. Both will generally give an idea of what is up and coming for the year ahead. You may find locations that entice you to research and write about or find a location that you are already familiar with.

As a travel writer, you can certainly find a place for your writing in this genre, as almost all wedding and bridal websites and magazines feature locations.

So, say “I do!” to wedding travel articles.

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