A registered nurse with over 33 years’ experience, Noreen had the travel bug since childhood when her family traveled extensively. Married to a retired Naval Officer, she then had the privilege of living in Italy enabling her to travel to 17 different European countries. Now as a travel writer, she not only travels but writes about exciting destinations like Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands. In less than three years, Noreen’s 235 published articles have appeared in 28 different online and print publications. She is a regular contributor for four magazines. Noreen is also the pioneer of Great Escape Publishing’s Travel Writer’s Café, an exclusive writing group designed for travel writers. You can read some of recent articles below.

Create A Customized FAM Trip: The Free (And Stress-Free) Way To Travel As A Writer

One of the greatest advantages of being a travel writer is of no surprise—the travel (often for free) and its associated perks.   I just returned from a memorable long weekend in Southern California’s Wine Country. Because I was writing for multiple publications, all with a decidedly different angle—luxury vacation rental, wine, food and coffee—I […]

Success In Travel Writing: How Noreen Published 170 Articles In Two Years

It’s hardly a secret that a crucial key to success in travel writing is staying motivated. Motivation isn’t magical, though. You can’t wave a wand and make it appear. But, there are definitely some vital strategies I’ve found helpful in my two years of writing – resulting in 170 published stories. Use inspirational quotes Inspirational […]