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One of our favorite family vacations was a multi-generational trip we took to Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa on Oahu’s western shore, along the stunning, picturesque coastline of Ko Olina. 

A Hawaiian vacation had always been my 83-year-old mother-in-law’s dream, and so our family of nine worked together to make that dream a reality.

As freelance writers, we have the opportunity to write for hundreds of publications out there that are looking for fresh stories. And the exciting part is that one trip can land you multiple published articles. From this vacation to Oahu, I was able to sell the story of our vacation four times. Here are three tips on how to make this happen.

1. Start with your anchor story

Even before taking this trip, a well-known grand-parenting magazine I queried was interested in the story. So, I already had one solid assignment under my belt: my anchor story. I knew the focus of the story and what information and photos that I’d need to complete the article. As writers become more experienced, it becomes easier to obtain even more than one story assignment prior to a trip.  The old adage that “practice makes perfect” really applies here.  

2. Change the angle of your story

Fortunately, each travel destination brings with it a multitude of story opportunities. My angle for the grand-parenting magazine was the shared joys of multi-generational travel. 

A variation of this article—published by a travel agency specializing in Disney family vacations—focused on the unique touches that make Aulani and Oahu a perfect choice for a vacation. The new angle focused on the benefits of a Disney-oriented vacation and the cultural aspect of the resort that embodies Hawaii’s unique history and authentic spirit of aloha. 

Though the destination itself is not the story in this case, multiple related stories can come from one destination. As writers, we just have to explore the various angles.

3. Write your story to match the publication

Once writers determine the angle of their story, the next step is to find a publication that’s a good match.  

An online magazine that focuses on traveling with children published my story on why the island of Oahu is the perfect destination for families with kids. 

In another travel magazine I was able to include this resort vacation as part of a fun round-up story covering perfect spring-break family destinations.  

And it doesn’t have to stop there. I can choose completely different topics to focus on, covering things like Oahu’s military history, its scuba diving opportunities and unique hiking adventures, and a multitude of other activities we enjoyed on Oahu. 

Selling multiple story ideas about a single trip makes perfect sense. As travel writers our goal is to get paid to write. With good research on finding exciting ideas editors will love, writers can develop unique story angles and match them with publications that are a great fit.  

One destination equaled four stories in this case, but really, the possibilities are endless.

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