Create Professional Videos Without Carrying A Tripod

Over the years, I’ve advised readers to use a tripod in order to differentiate yourselves from the amateur videographer. With a tripod, you’ll create perfectly smooth and stable images.  But carrying a tripod is tiring, and setting it up takes time. Luckily, new technology has almost eliminated the need for messing around with a tripod—at…

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Sell Short Video Clips For Free Stays, Cash, And More

I applaud people who make their living shooting stock images. Although I’ve been submitting images to stock for years, it has accounted for only a small portion of my income.  I know that my lack of success in stock photography is my own fault. It takes consistent hard work, discipline, and determination — and up till…

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Making Travel Videos (For Pay) Is Easier Than You Think

While excavating my basement recently, I discovered a carton of ancient home movies my father shot, with my mother’s spidery handwriting identifying the subjects of the brittle and faded 8 and 16 mm reels.  Digging through the carton, I caught the ineffable whiff of the old film, evoking memories of our movie nights growing up.…

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