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Back in 2010, I made the decision to begin blogging on a website called Tumblr. While it still exists, at the time it was a clunky, terribly-designed website with small pictures you had to squint to see and ill-fitting migration that was worlds away from what we see online today.

Almost everything in my life has changed since then. I have moved over 10 times, my interests have adjusted, life status has changed, and, perhaps even more so, my life perspectives have shifted. My blog continues to follow me through each twist and turn life throws my way. My website is updated once a week on Wednesdays and readers come every week to my little corner of the internet to see what I share.

In 2010, I never would have guessed the places, people, and experiences that shaped my life in the following decade. But let’s go back to the very beginning with the three reasons I decided to start a blog in the first place.

1. To follow my life as an online journal.

My original plan in starting my blog was to accomplish a bucket list of sorts, covering all that I hoped to accomplish prior to my next birthday. In my organized mind, I couldn’t think of a better way to track my progress on each goal than by sharing them on a blog!

Through the years, I have shared my experiences in a way that I can always look back on and re-live in a digital way.

I’ve shared stories of marriage and divorce, birth and death, and pandemics and extensive international travel. While I never imagined how much I would share through the years, I have found that blogging is a beautiful way to share your life story, whether it’s for an audience of millions or an audience of one.

2. To not feel alone in our evermore disconnected world.

I decided to send the link to my bucket list blog along to friends and family, as well as share it on Facebook, so that others could hold me accountable. I found that strangers from across the globe became more invested than I ever expected!

Over the years, my audience has encouraged me, provided deep guidance, and even become dear friends.

Two of my closest friends, both living in different states, I met directly through my blog; we are like-minded people that support and lean on one another no matter what we are facing.

Another follower has been around since week one of my original bucket list blog—while we have never met in person, we have encouraged each other through breakups and relationships, swapped dating stories online, and even spoken candidly about our families and goals.

Especially in our current climate, it’s so encouraging to truly connect with individuals all over the globe in deep and meaningful ways. I have my blog and my willingness to authentically share my journey with others to thank for bringing so many amazing people into my life.

3. To establish authority for future career progression.

When you begin a blog, you don’t need to “know it all.” In fact, I think it’s best for you to admit that you’re ready to learn! Audiences want to see growth and progress.

They want to see a beginner that advances and grows. Luckily, I think many of us fit that description in several facets of our life.

Once I completed my bucket list, I had amassed a large audience and said to myself, “Well, what are we going to do with this?” At the time, I was working in a nine-to-five job I loved, but I always had a side passion for health and wellness. I wanted to understand the intricacies of the human mind, body, and soul in a way that I could use on my blog to empower women to become their healthiest selves.

It is when I decided to dive into this passion deeper that I started my blog Semi-Sweet Tooth in a very similar form to what it looks like today. I shared what I knew, what I wanted to know, and everything in between, opening up a world of experiences and opportunities for deep, authentic learning.

Through the years, my blog has become an outlet for me to share what I’ve learned and experienced and has provided a sense of authority. I have expanded my business to include freelance writing and public speaking, as well as a social media marketing arm that helps other female small business founders grow their businesses online.

jessica tepas
Jessica Tepas

My blog alone (without the other arms of the business) has more than replaced my previous nine-to-five income, while allowing me more flexibility, more adventure, more experiences for personal growth, and more opportunities that challenge and empower me than ever before.

I am so glad I took the leap and decided to share a little bit of myself online all those years ago. While it hasn’t been without its hard work and challenges, my life would look nothing like what it does today if I hadn’t had the courage to begin!