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If you’d rather have someone else market your travel stories for you, a good place to start is Here you also get to set your own price and maintain control over what kinds of rights you’d like to sell.

Well-written articles can sell multiple times to different editors browsing for content. Once an article sells, you share a percentage of your earnings with the site.

To sell your articles through Constant Content, first you have to sign up as a writer (it’s free). Then, you’ll have to follow the strict writer’s guidelines. Articles that don’t conform to the guidelines may be rejected… and if you’re rejected too many times, you can be blocked from submitting. This process assures that the site only offers quality articles, and buyers won’t be disappointed by its content.

The stories you’ll find on Constant Content aren’t just high-quality, they also cover a wide range of topics. Travel stories are welcome, as well as articles on a myriad of subjects that you can relate back to travel. You can also post reviews, how-to pieces, and travel guides.

One of the best parts of Constant Content is the Public Request Feed. This page is full of articles in demand…along with the price range that the editors are willing to pay for them. If you’re out of story ideas, it’s a great place to check.

Your articles will sell best if they’re well-written, free of errors, targeted to a specific topic, and, ideally, contain one or more keywords that are attractive to the editor looking to buy.

You’ll find the writer’s guidelines here.

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