Flipping back through your trip photos can help spark article ideas...

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What do you see in this photo?

Flipping back through your trip photos can help spark article ideas...

You probably see friends celebrating right? Perhaps a birthday, promotion or other special occasion. 

But I see so much more. Such as these potential travel article ideas:

• Great Places to Catch Up with Friends in …
• A Hidden Gem in the Heart of …
• Great Restaurants/Pubs/Beer Gardens in …
• 5 Great Places to Celebrate in …

And that’s just at the surface. If you dig a bit deeper into where this photo was taken and why, it opens up even more article ideas.

Where: Sopron, Hungary.

Why: to celebrate the beginning of a grand adventure—the European Peace Walk. The image is of my fellow walkers sharing a toast before we embarked on the 21-day trek through six European nations.

Now, the photo has a whole new context. I see:

• Sopron’s Newest Hidden Beer Garden
• European Peace Walk: A Unique Way to Experience Europe
• Explore Europe as Few Others Have
• Trekking Europe: 6 Countries in 21 Days
• Grab Your Hiking Boots and Experience the EPW (European Peace Walk)

This one simple photo has elicited a wealth of article ideas, so just think how many article opportunities you have sitting on your phone or computer!

When you put on your “travel writer’s hat,” not only can digging through your holiday snapshots and travel photos be fun, but it also inspires, motivates, and helps spark article ideas. The best part is that it can be done with any photo. Local or overseas. Anything at all.

A day trip to a local attraction. Your time spent with family over the holidays. Stopping off at a roadside stall or place you’ve always meant to visit.

Any photo, taken anywhere at any time for any occasion, can help generate great ideas.

Whenever I get stuck, I make a cup of tea and spend half an hour looking through my photos, and it works every time.

Take these colorful photos, for example: 

Flipping back through your trip photos can help spark article ideas...

I love markets and tend to visit them in every country I travel to, and I never forget to snap shots of the colorful fruits and textiles like these fresh Cambodian cashews and this Guatemalan blanket.

Color grabs your attention. Not only are these images great for inspiration, but they also are the perfect detail shots to go along with your story.

Every person I know snaps a few pictures when they are somewhere interesting, so by going back and looking through your photos there are hundreds of stories and articles to be found.

All you have to do is grab your “travel writer’s hat,” go make a cup of coffee, and relive those treasured moments to spark some great article ideas.

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