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Whenever I get stuck and find myself thinking “there’s nothing to write about,” then it’s time to go looking for inspiration. And inspiration strikes every time I go back and look through my old photos. Every single time.

Plus it’s a fun task. For me, this is making a cup of tea and enjoying a quick stroll down memory lane by looking through my photo library. A lot of my photos are taken locally, so it perfectly showcases what is around to write about.

Seeing the places again brings it all back. Remembering the feeling of the ocean breeze and sand between my toes standing on a beach. Or, the bite of the sun on the back of my neck waiting for the perfect time to snap the shutter to create the image I wanted of that destination.

That’s the things about photos, they provide a sneaky little re-visit to a time and place without leaving home. Especially now, when we are unable to leave home, it is the perfect way to find motivation, inspiration and keep the bylines rolling in. 

See, your photos are a treasure trove of article ideas for both local and international publications. Let me give you an example. 

Looking back through my photos I smiled coming across one of my favorites—the Cozumel pearl. 

Use Old Photos to Inspire New Articles

It’s unique because it is grown in the only operational pearl farm in the Caribbean. So, taking a few minutes to reminisce and remember what a magical day trip I had on a private tour with the owners, it re-inspired me to want to share that experience.

A few pitches later and two different editors from international magazines commissioned stories. One on the conservation efforts of the Cozumel Pearl Farm and the other from a jewelry magazine in London showcasing the Caribbean’s rare and only pearl.

It was time to rejoice. My first British byline and a foot in the door to writing for more European publications. 

Recently, I’ve written a heap of different articles about local attractions. All from re-discovering what’s in my photo library. This one photo of the Cozumel pearl has already landed multiple bylines and there are more pitches going out.

But the thing is, they all landed in international magazines. The U.S., Ireland, and now Britain.

Yes, I realize I’m living on an island so technically everything is overseas to me, but none of my articles are placed in local magazines. Because I don’t have any. My “local” means U.S. publications.

Wanting to break into Europe and expand my portfolio meant getting out of my comfort zone and pitching articles outside of the U.S.

Most of us don’t think of international magazines or lack the confidence to try pitching overseas. But the thing is, now is the time to pitch. Other countries find our hometowns interesting because to them it’s a novelty and they are unable to visit, so virtual travel and reading about destinations is more popular than normal.

That means that right now is the perfect time to dip your toes in the big wide world of international publications.

One photo can lead to as many articles as you think of to write about.

Now imagine what hidden treasures are waiting to be revealed in your favorite photos. I bet if you spend 10 minutes looking through your favorites you’ll find something to write about.  

Better yet, I think you’ll find it is something that an overseas publication might find interesting too. So, enjoy your stroll down memory lane and I hope you’ll land that international byline sooner than you think.