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A Paying Market for Your Desert Travel Stories
By Roberta Beach Jacobson in Karpathos, Greece (“The Ultimate Desert Resource”) is a fascinating read, published monthly by Digital West Media, Inc. of San Diego, CA. I enjoyed the articles there about desert lore, wildlife, and adventure.

The ezine is a celebration of the beauty, life, and culture of the desert. The editorial focus is on travel in the North American Desert and surrounding regions. However, in addition to travel they also cover arts and crafts, events, adventure, and history, too.

For travel, the editors like to receive articles of between 1200 and1500 words. Your stories can cover a park, town (even a ghost town), or remote location. And you can write in the first or third person — but the focus should be on what there is to see and do. Photos are required as well.

In addition to travel articles, DesertUSA is also interested in receiving photo-essays. For a photo-essay, you only need to submit up to 500 words to accompany your photos. You’ll have to decide on a theme for your essay. It can be regional — but keep in mind the main point of your essay should be to highlight the rare and unusual features of the desert.

Photos must be scanned at 72 dpi and saved as Jpg or jpeg format and sent as an email attachment (don’t send files over 250K).

Send your article and photo submissions to: Jim F. Bremner at If you prefer regular mail, send to: DesertUSA, P.O. Box 270219, San Diego, CA 92198

Good news: This is a paying market. Digital West Media will pay you $200 for your stories. You’ll find detailed guidelines here:

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