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“Sometimes the best stories are the ones that are right in our backyard—and we overlook them because they’re in our backyards.” – Ian Aldrich, Yankee Magazine

Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry, and Director, Lori Allen, introduce us to Ian Aldrich, Deputy Editor of Yankee Magazine.

“Ian is one of my favorite editors,” says Lori. “I met him when he spoke on the editor’s panel at our event in Boston. He was so willing to open up and be completely honest with our writers. He gave them such great ideas and told amazing heartfelt stories.”

Since that first event, Lori has invited him back several times to be on the editor’s panel. And at this year’s event in Washington DC, Ian also taught two sessions, one on why we’re drawn to a story.

“It’s in our DNA—storytelling has always been a part of all of our cultures,” explains Ian. “It’s how we pass down traditions, how we talk about our past and how we describe who we are.”

Listen in for Ian’s thoughts on…

…The value of strong storytelling

…What makes a story unique

…The value and importance of starting local

…The value of insider knowledge

…How he finds a story

…How to improve your writing

Ian also shares how he got started in travel writing.

If you want to get out there and start finding stories for yourself, you can learn more about travel writing at: Or if you’d prefer to tell stories with your photos, you can learn more about photography at: Or you may even want to consider telling stories with moving pictures.  To learn more about video, visit:

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