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“The heart of travel writing is the stories of people who live all around the world.” – Lori Allen

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Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry, and Director, Lori Allen, talk about the recent Ultimate Travel Writers Workshop in Washington DC.

“The Ultimate Travel Writers Workshop was full of intense days, late nights, cocktails, good conversations, networking and talking with editors,” Lori shares. “It was a full three days.”

Lori is still recovering but she also feels very strong, encouraged, motivated and powerful as a result of her experience at the workshop with people from all around the world.

“It’s empowering in a way that you can’t duplicate when you take a course at home.”

Every time Great Escape Publishing has one of these events there are always a few themes that emerge.

“Every year we invite back members who have had success after attending a previous workshop for the success panel. Some of those people are getting more than 200 bylines published. Others are balancing travel writing with a full-time career. It’s one of my favorite things about the workshop.”

Lori shares more about how these success stories resonate with attendees and encourage them as they are starting their travel writing journeys.

She also introduces us to the instructors who led sessions at the workshop including Jennifer Stevens, International Living’s Executive Editor and the architect of the workshop.

Listen in to learn more about this year’s workshop and some of the amazing opportunities for travel writers today.

And for more information about how you can get started with travel writing, visit

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