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I’m on my way down to Panama for our long-weekend How to Make a Six-Figure Income Traveling the World conference. But before it gets underway — and while I have some time here on my flight from D.C. to Atlanta — I wanted to give you a heads up on a special fly-on-the-wall opportunity we’ve created for you.

It’s something we’re doing for the duration of this weekend’s live event only… a way for you to gain the same money-making, frustration-beating, fun secrets for funding your travels that we at the workshop will be learning firsthand in Panama.

Over the next four days, I’ll send you a special series of reports we’re calling: How to Make $100K a Year Traveling. These reports will focus on four complimentary money-making skills — travel writing, photography, import-export, and creating and selling your own tours — which, together, can provide you with not just an excuse to travel, but a lucrative income when you do.

You know, the truth is: You don’t have to be particularly well-heeled or exceptionally gifted to…
** Luxuriate in a long-weekend vacation with your spouse at a five-star resort in Cancún… airfare included and all-expenses-paid… and get paid to tell people about your experiences…
** Embark on a six-month expedition across Asia, enjoying a week-long, four-wheel-drive journey through Tibet… and then sell the pictures you snap along the way for thousands of dollars…
** Browse local markets and start your own import/export business to finance your shopping trips to Mexico, Nicaragua, China, Morocco, Thailand, and beyond…
** Bring your creativity alive with workshops and activities in Paris and throughout France… paid for by like-minded people who want to share in your passions…

These trips sound special, sure. But they’re real… and the folks enjoying them are everyday people just like you and me. They’re savvy, certainly… but they don’t know anything you can’t learn.

In fact, that’s to be our main objective over this coming weekend — to deliver the real-world techniques, secrets, and tips you need to turn your vacations into fun, income-producing expeditions. Trips that can earn you a six-figure income!

In our daily dispatches I’ll be sharing with you some of the proven techniques and valuable secrets our experts reveal here over the weekend. But I know I can’t fit everything into the pages I’ll send you.

And that’s why, for the duration of our live How to Make a Six-Figure Income as a Traveler workshop, I’m going to do one better and make you a very special offer, something we’ve never done before…

For this weekend only, I’ll give you a chance to get your hands on the “unedited and uncut” recordings of this event. This is your only chance to get your hands on these unique recordings… we won’t be selling them after the conference like we usually do.

You see, it’s typical for us to record events like this because we understand that not everyone can make it to the live event.

And when we do that, the recordings are put through post production processing. We make them available once they’ve been edited and we typically charge $299 for the complete recorded workshop (which is a really good deal when you consider that attendees at the live event paid over $1,500 to hear the advice live — plus hotel and travel costs).

But this workshop is different. It’s happening this first week of December, right in the midst of the holiday season. And while it usually takes us three to four weeks to get the recordings edited and delivered to you, it’s next to impossible to find someone to edit them before the Christmas holiday.

So this time, we’re recording the event, but we’re not turning it into a product. At least not any time soon. And maybe never.

But I will post unedited recordings on a website for you to download if you’re interested.

It means that even though you couldn’t be with us in Panama, you can still gain access to a formula for success that gives you every secret, tip, and technique you need to combine travel writing, photography, import-export, and creating and selling your own tours — and generate a six-figure income while you’re at it.

These recordings reveal an amazing method that will let you explore the world and enjoy the freedom to live and travel wherever you like, whenever you like — and never worry about how you’re going to pay for it.

You’ll learn things like:
** How to find and profit from unique trends, including what you can do immediately to capitalize on them. From idea to product to profit… you’ll be getting paid to travel even before the year is out…

** The trick to selling and advertising your products (whether they’re travel articles or photos or souvenirs you’ve picked up) for the most profit possible… as revealed by a gentleman who’s using this same technique to bring in $100,000 and more a year right now…

** What to look for when you travel… and how to create a tour where others pay you to travel AND you earn $3,000 to $10,000 on every trip.

** And that’s just for starters…

Put into practice the insider’s secrets you’ll learn in these recordings, and you’ll not only know how to make your vacations pay for themselves — you’ll also learn how you could make $100,000 or more a year as you explore the world like a VIP…

The folks joining me down in Panama are paying as much as $1,597 per person to be there with the experts. But you can gain the same works-in-the-real-world advice to launch your own six-figure travel business for pennies on the dollar — you’ll save yourself about 90% of what they paid.

Remember, this special offer is good for this weekend only — and you’ll save $150 off the regular recording price.

These recordings are unedited and uncut. By skipping our regular editing process, we can get this information to you next week AND pass the savings along to you. What we’d typically charge $299 for, we’ll make available for just $149. With these recordings in your hand before the start of the New Year — 2009 will be your best year yet.

Go here to reserve your copy.

I wish you could be with us in Panama for our live event, but with these recordings as your guide, you’ll feel as if you are.

I can assure you: There’s no better-value (or more efficient) way to transform habits you probably already have — taking notes about what you see and do, snapping photos, picking up souvenirs, planning trips–into real, money-making skills. Skills that can provide you with a six-figure income and a lifetime of travel.

You’ll find more details here.

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