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Matador Travel is a hub of nine different e-zines wrapped into one online travel community. Each separate arm of the site has its own writer’s guidelines and each is on the lookout for fresh content.

There’s a travel article style for everyone here, from trip ideas to traveling and studying abroad, travel tips, nightlife, travel gear, and news.

But here’s the best part: most sections’ writer’s guidelines suggest you take a look at the Matador Bounty Board – a virtual assignment board – before you submit anything.

Assignments on the Bounty Board range from “Top 50 Things to Do Before You Die,” to “10 Things You Can’t Miss on a Trip to California.” Each is marked with a green, yellow or red dot, which means that either “No writer is on this assignment yet,” “a writer is working on this assignment,” or “this assignment is being edited,” respectively.

To pick up an assignment from the Bounty Board, simply sign up and create a profile. Then you can click on the assignments listed to see a quick summary of what the editor of that section is looking for in the article, including subject matter, length, photos, format, etc. You’ll find the editor’s contact info for each assignment here, too. (Be sure you read the relative section’s writer’s guidelines to make sure you approach the editor the right way.) And not all Bounty Board assignments are for the Matador community. Other publications are welcome to post assignments there, too.

Pay for most of the assignments on the Bounty Board is $25 per article, with a few higher-paying writing contests and other opportunities, as well. Pay varies for other sections of the community site and usually includes photos.

You’ll find the Matador Community Bounty Board here:

If you’re interested in submitting to a specific area of the site, or you have an idea to pitch that isn’t on the Bounty Board, keep in mind that each section has its own style. You’ll want to read through the content first, and then check out the writer’s guidelines (

The Matador community makes it easy to submit articles for publication. As a travel writer — with or without clips — it’s a great place to start.

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