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Even if it means battling hurricanes like I did (literally), I believe that if you want something you can achieve it. Realistic goals that is.

I’m not saying that I could become an astronaut next week, that’s unrealistic. But I do believe that everyone who wants to become a travel writer can learn how to string a sentence together. As long as they don’t get in their own way.  

Recently as more and more people look for ways to work from home or earn online, quite a few people have asked me if it’s easy to become a travel writer. My answer has been and always will be: of course. If you can speak English then you have the skill to learn how to write and get your point across. 

But remember, on the road to achieving your dream or dream life, there will be some obstacles. If you want to achieve your dream you have to keep trying and climbing over these obstacles whether big, small, or huge devastating forces of nature.

Like in my case. I had to battle a hurricane to become a travel writer. 

I’m being serious, I mean it, a literal hurricane. Here’s what happened…

When I was on my way to the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Washington D.C. in 2017 I was delayed in Florida by a hurricane. The hugely devastating Hurricane Irma.

There was no way around it. Flying from Guatemala meant a very bumpy flight and landing in Fort Lauderdale, where I had a choice to make. Cancel the workshop and turn around and go home as I would miss most of the first day. Or, continue on and not let fear or the might of Mother Nature stop me. 

So, I spent the night locked down in the airport sleeping on the floor surrounded by disgruntled, anxious travelers sprawled across benches, propped against walls and trying to get a moment’s rest.  

Yes, I missed most of the first day of the workshop. But the point is, if I had let fear stop me, or thrown my hands in the air and said “it’s too hard, what’s the point?” then I would never have gotten to where my dream life was waiting. 

My dream travel writer’s life living in the Mexican Caribbean surrounded by the most amazing turquoise, aquamarine, and cobalt waters.

Whatever or wherever your dream life may be, you have to keep trying to achieve it. To meet your goals. To achieve your milestones. To get that dream. Then you will succeed.

It’s worth it. There is always a silver lining. Even in my hurricane lockdown scenario. My silver lining was that I made a new friend in the airport. We ended up staying up all night laughing, sharing tequila and fantastic travel stories until the dawn hit and the hurricane subsided enough for us to continue on our way.

This ignited my travel writer’s passion even more. What a great story! Sitting there, I was already thinking of article ideas like “Amazing Airport Experiences” and “Tales of Travelers.”

Now just imagine if I had quit. If I had said “it’s not meant to be” or “it’s too hard” and turned around and gone home like so many of my fellow travelers did. 

Then today I wouldn’t have over 120 published articles under my belt. Or be living my dream life in the Caribbean.

So, I wanted to share that experience with you because travel writers have a passion. A thirst for exploring foreign lands, savoring new cuisines and wandering city streets, town festivals and entire countries. This takes courage. Which means if you want to be a travel writer, you already have the courage to do so.

It also means you already have the courage to overcome your obstacles. To face your fears and live your dream life. All you have to do is try. When doubts creep in, put them aside and go battle your hurricane!  

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