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Our $1,000 Video Challenge Winner is…

It’s only fitting—in this series of ways you can turn your hometown into $$–that we announce the winner of our $1,000 Video Challenge.

Video is far and away the most lucrative opportunity for turning your hometown into $$ and it comes with the added benefit of getting your trips overseas paid for, too.

Your initial set-up isn’t much because you can start today with the camera you already own or your smartphone.  And the profit potential is high.

But what stops most people is fear… and that’s really great news for you because, even in the two to three years I’ve been talking about video, few people know it exists.

I’ll talk more about this opportunity in the next few days but let’s get on to that winner, shall we?

Congratulation to Molly Gannon for her video, “Canadian Rockies.”

Here’s what she said about her video…

“I’ve been on an extensive road trip through North America, and the Canadian Rockies are, without a doubt, one of the most breathtaking places I’ve been to. I’m happy to share a bit of my experience there with you.”

Video is an amazingly awesome opportunity to travel, have fun, and make cash on the side. 

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