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How I landed my first video gig without even trying...For me, as a travel writer and photography lover, adding movement to my images seemed like the next logical step. So, upon receiving an email offering the Travel Videos for Profit course, I was intrigued.

I wanted to learn how to make videos, but having no idea what I was doing, where to start, what gear was needed (coupled with doubt I could actually do it) made the whole thing a little daunting.

Then a thought struck, “What have I got to lose?”

The answer: Nothing.

Turns out it was love at Chapter 1 of Tom’s program. Which, incidentally, is as far as I got in the course before landing my first video job.

Sharing with friends how I was branching into video, an acquaintance on the other side of the table automatically asked if I would be willing to do a video for her brand-new fine-dining restaurant that had just opened the week before. Wow, what an opportunity.

It was simple. She needed video and didn’t care that I was starting out. In fact, she saw it as an opportunity for promotional material at a reduced rate. It was a win for both of us. 

I got experience, referrals, and the all-important testimonial to help land future clients, plus a hefty $250 credit to the hottest new fine-dining restaurant in town. She got promotional video without having to pay big bucks.

It was that easy.

No pitching, no salesy speeches, no figuring out what to say or how to approach potential clients as a newbie videographer… it sold itself.

Plus, being so happy with the first video, they contracted a second one for their beach club and will happily refer me to other business owners.

The course has already paid for itself before I’ve even had the chance to finish.

But there’s more. Another acquaintance owns a travel agency that sells vacation packages to my hometown in Mexico. I told her on Facebook what I’ve been up to and she’s now talking with her head office to discuss doing videos for an entire chain of travel agencies.

I haven’t even finished my pitch to send to future clients… and, at this rate, I may never need to. Word of mouth is still the greatest advertisement, and word travels fast within your contacts.

Another acquaintance with a dive shop has just hired me for another video! That’s 100% hire rate just talking to people already in my contacts.

So, if you’ve ever been curious or thought about video, then take a moment to look at the Travel Videos for Profit course. It’s a fun and easy new skill to learn that has paid off for me.

Here’s a link to my first video—filmed completely on my iPhone.

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