processing in Lightroom

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Who will buy this photo?

processing in Lightroom

No one, that’s who! It’s rare to see the Peruvian Andes (where I took this) on such a clear day… but the photo itself is dark, gray, dull, and boring.

But how about this one:

processing in Lightroom

This is the exact same photo after a few minutes of processing in Lightroom – and it’s currently selling in my stock agencies.

What professional photographers often don’t tell the world is that much of the success of their photography – and indeed, what makes their images look so good in the first place – is processing.

And it’s true. Learning to process my images in Lightroom is what finally took them to the next step, allowing me to be competitive and start making money from them. 

Tomorrow we’ll look at processing portraits in Lightroom. Stay tuned…

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