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“Why should I pick a favorite destination for photography when I can enjoy them all?” – Daniel Nahabedian

Host Jody Mayberry and Director, Lori Allen, introduce us to professional photographer, Daniel Nahabedian.

Light is so important to Daniel that Lori refers to him as the “Master of Light” and looks to him on a regular basis for his post-processing techniques in Lightroom…

“Daniel approaches photography from an artistic point of view and puts a lot of time and thought into his images.”

Daniel talks to Jody about how it all started…

“I studied law in France then moved to Abu Dhabi and worked for 5 years in Human Resources. But I was bored and wanted to do something creative.”

A case of camera envy led Daniel to buy his first camera although he had no prior experience in photography.

“Photography became my passion and a year after I bought that first camera, I quit my job and became a fulltime travel photographer.”

That was 10 years ago.

Listen in as Daniel shares with us some advice for beginners and…

…the importance of practice

…the importance of sharing your photos for feedback

…the importance of shooting in the right light.

He also talks about what’s up next for him in travel and why Tanzania was the country that surprised him most.

Daniel will be at our Ultimate Photography Workshop in Baltimore this April. The event has been sold out for months, but there’s a backdoor way to get in… For the first time ever, this year’s event will be live-streamed, so you can access all the information the attendees receive, but for significantly less, from home. For more information and to sign up, visit

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