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“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we’re going to give them a whole lot of pictures.” – Tom Smith

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Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry, and Director, Lori Allen, bring Efrain Padró back to the show to talk about his strategy for showcasing a destination through photographs.

Efrain is one of our most sought after photography instructors. (You can listen to the pr evious podcast episode about him here.) He sells his photos to magazines, guidebooks, as fine art, and as stock. He has developed a system for showcasing a new place in six photographs.

“I just visited the Grand Canyon and completely forgot to take photos of my food,” says Lori. “I really wish I had photos of the Navajo tacos or the prickly pear cocktails and jellies that are unique to that area.”

Efrain’s concept for capturing a place in six photos includes photos of food along with five other types of images that tell the story of the destination.

He came up with the idea for the six types of photos when he was trying to put a concept together to teach beginner photographers to approach a location that they travel to with a framework to help them get the photos they need.

Efrain explains…

“The concept is six types of photos, but you’re going to take a lot more photos than that. And after taking the six photos, I always say now take number seven.”

Here are the six types of pictures Efrain suggests…

  1. What does the location look like?
  2. What’s a fun thing to do?
  3. What’s a fun thing to see?
  4. What’s a typical thing to eat?
  5. Where do you stay?
  6. What do you buy?

Listen in as he explains what each of these points means, how to capture it in the destination you are visiting and why each is important to tell the story of the destination.

And as Efrain says…

“The most important take away from my suggestions, is that it’s only a frame work. When you get home you’ll have a nice collection of pictures.”

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