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“Photography encourages you to stop and ask questions and think about things.” —Lori Allen

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Director, Lori Allen, joins host Jody Maberry to talk about travel photography and how it’s more than just a way to document a trip.

Lori says, “On the surface photography is an opportunity to document and memorialize experiences but I also think photography is about options… about giving you more choices than you would have without a camera.

Anytime you throw a camera around your neck, you have a purpose, you have a different reason to be where you are. I can spend hours looking at just bugs, leaves or light coming through the trees.”

Cameras give you an excuse to get up every day and REALLY see things.

“Take a location like the Eiffel Tower, you can photograph just the tower, or you can stay in one spot for hours and photograph it with a family walking by, or a musician playing an accordion, or maybe tourists taking selfies.

The point is, you can spend an entire day in one spot and get a view of the world as it happens around that location.”

Photography gives you purpose, gives you a memory, and gives you something beautiful to hang on your wall… but it also helps you see more than you normally would, and it often leads to interesting discussions.

Listen in as Lori and Jody tell stories about the photos they’ve taken.

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