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I love taking headshots, because I think people are fascinating and beautiful. 

processing portrait photos

Everyone is beautiful in the right light. But when a client pays you hundreds of dollars for a shot, they want to see an image of their best self – without any blemishes, wrinkles, yellow teeth or stray hairs getting in the way.

But how far is too far? How much younger should you make someone look?

My aim when processing people photos is to make clients look the way they appear to the people who love them most. Usually, all it takes is a couple of little tweaks here and there – easily done in a few minutes.

Watch exactly what I do to my people shots in this sped-up video:

When done right, headshots have an immense power to make people feel confident. And that feels amazing. 

Let me know how you like it – I’d love to hear what you’re able to do with your photos once you master Lightroom once and for all!

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