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I hope that you’re taking and uploading a ton of new shots during our Breakfast Stock Club Summer Sprints stock photo challenges!

If you’re scared to submit them… or you’re getting some photos rejected, remember… it happens to everyone. Here’s a note I wrote about rejections back in 2015 that still rings true today…


Rejection sucks.

But you know what’s worse? Not trying.

Sure, you’re safe when you don’t try. You can’t get hurt if you don’t put yourself out there. No one can tell you that you’re not good enough.

On the other hand… you end up with nothing.

The trick with building a big, money-earning stock photo portfolio is not taking anything personally. Of course this applies to many things in life, from jobs to relationships to that jerk who cut you off in traffic.

But it especially applies to stock photo agencies.

You have to think of them as an un-feeling, non-judgmental entity. They take some things, they reject others. It has everything to do with the marketability of a specific image… and nothing to do with you.

Stock photo tools

The only way to get a bunch of photos up-and-selling is to submit them and see if they get in.

If they don’t… read the reasons why, learn, and move on to the next batch. Keep rolling forward. Keep trying. Keep improving.

Do that, and by this time next year, you’ll be way ahead of where you thought you’d be.

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