Great shots can be taken on the go -- here are some tips for capturing photos that will sell

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My 3 top tips for taking photos that will sellWe all carry our cell phones around all day, every day. So why not make it work for you?

If you’re anything like me, once or twice you may have found yourself looking at something and thinking, “Gee, I wish I’d brought my camera.”

Great saleable shots are everywhere. For example: We had a huge afternoon storm one day, so afterward I went outside to see the damage to the garden.

Looking down into a croton plant covered in raindrops, I couldn’t help but take this picture—and it sold within a week.

Great shots can be taken on the go -- here are some tips for capturing photos that will sell

Is it perfect, no. But is it saleable, yes!

I wanted to share the three quick tips and tricks I use to take high-quality pictures that are good enough to be accepted and sold as stock. They’re fun, fast, and easy, and a great way to practice taking photos that will sell.

Tip #1: Get in close.

Walk up to your subject for a detailed shot that will draw you into the photo and highlight your subject—like the patterns of this traveler’s palm.

By getting up close, it’s clear, bright, and shows off my subject.

And again, it’s saleable.

Tip #2: Actively focus.

This tip is for taking photos with your phone.

Whenever you start to take a photo, simply tap the screen where you want to focus, wait a second for your phone to focus, and snap. It’s a very handy trick if you have to lean over something like this basket of fresh organic eggs.

Tips for taking photos that will sell

Tip #3: Hold your breath for a second.

Breathing is one of your body’s natural movements that you don’t even think about, so by holding your breath for a second before you click the shutter, it steadies the camera, giving a clearer image.

This is especially helpful if you are in a busy place like a market and you can’t stand there for long.

This shot of cut sugar cane was taken at a bustling market in Mexico. No time to clog up the walkway, so you need to snap and go before someone bumps into you.

Tips for taking photos that will sell

Now look, if I wait around until I’m the perfect photographer, I wouldn’t be having this much fun.

Just try it.

Go have some fun and take some pictures. Put them up for sale and see where it takes you.

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