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Nathan shares 4 reasons you should start a travel blogI love having a blog and find it rewarding in so many ways. Here are four top reasons you should start a travel blog today:

Reason #4: You Love to Write

I’ve met several bloggers who hate to write. But I love to write when I’m in the mood to do it.  So will you when you find something interesting to write about.

The most successful blogs are those that help others.  You can help by posting advice that helps others plan trips.  By showing others things to see and do once they’ve arrived at a destination, or even by explaining things like how to save money or what to pack.

Reason #3: The Freedom to Work From Anywhere

This is one of my favorite things about blogging: I can work anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. 

Working from anywhere with dependable Wi-Fi has its perks. Among other things, it allows me to build a global audience and client base as I travel to places with better weather and a lower cost of living than back home.

Can I work from a beach? No. I’ve seen those posts on Facebook proclaiming, “Check out my office for the day” next to a picture of their feet in the sand—but it’s not very realistic. That said, a café nearby or a little cabana on stilts with an internet connection will do and it’s one of the best perks of the job.

Reason #2: Discounted Travel

As a travel blogger, I often receive complimentary hotel rooms and tours. Once you’ve gained enough of a following, you may also start receiving invites for press trips. On these, your flights, meals, hotels, tours—everything—is covered by the destination. You may even be invited on paid press trips. At that point, you can really say you’re being paid to travel the world.  

In exchange for these experiences, you’ll be expected to promote or review the countries, locations, and venues that hosted you—either on your site or through social media accounts. It’s not exactly free travel, but I consider it a fair trade. I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with many brands/companies/destinations—all of which I’ve been genuinely excited to promote and recommend. 

And finally…

Reason #1: The Community

This is easily my favorite part of being a blogger. In fact, it’s the biggest reason I continued blogging long after my first year when I didn’t make any money for it. 

The blogging community has some of the most interesting, like-minded, unique, adventurous people I’ve ever met. 

I love the global network of friends I’ve made. I can go almost anywhere in the world and have someone to meet for a coffee or maybe even show me around the city. 

And if I don’t know anyone in that particular city, someone I know who has been there is always happy to share advice on things to see and do. And the best part: These are often off-the-beaten-path suggestions that you’d never find in any guidebook. 

Blogging can be about money, for sure.  The best in the business make more than most CEOs.  But the reason to pursue it is much deeper than that.

It’s about flexibility, time, doing something fun, and traveling to all your dream locations with a community of people behind your back.  Add a little hustle to get your blog up and fine tune what you’re posting to make yourself attractive and you’ll be glad you did.

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