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“Wow! That’s gorgeous!” Now that’s what I want to see written in the comments of my Facebook posts. I want posts that “wow” people, knock their socks off, and get them to stop and engage.

So, how do I choose what to post?

Well that depends on if it’s a specific themed social media day like #TravelTuesday or #FoodieFriday because that makes it easier. Then I just share that over to Facebook from Instagram.

But if it’s not, how do you get people scrolling through Facebook to engage?

bel woodhouse
Bel Woodhouse

That’s easy. Have fun with it, let your pictures, passion, and words shine through so people will engage.

To show you how, here’s three quick, easy tips to help you get the response you want.

1. Add an engaging picture.

I’m not talking about a kitten and a puppy snuggled up together (although that’s adorable). No, I’m talking about something that will stop people scrolling right past your post.

You know what I mean, we all scroll down the page and become numb to what we’re seeing after a while. So, by including a beautiful picture, people are more likely to stop and pay attention to your post. An image will always get more engagement than plain text.

Your image should be eye-catching, which means it should be well photographed (with colors that pop and a clear subject). Quickly edit your images to make them really shine. If they are clear, well lit, and in focus it will draw the eye and make people stop scrolling. This gives you the greatest chance of engagement.

2. Use your words.

Using friendly and engaging language will draw people in. Just like writing an article, you want to hook them with the first sentence to ensure they stop and want to read.

But remember you have to let them know what you are writing about, explain what the picture is, and set a tone for the post. Is it personal or professional? Or, are you combining both to make the most of your travel writer’s skills?

Here’s an example: about to be hit by a second hurricane in a week, I posted an engaging personal message that supported a local attraction accompanied by two attention-grabbing photos. The post went like this…

Guadalupe stands

“Guadalupe stands as a silent sentinel protecting the pearls of the Caribbean’s only pearl farm. Slowly being covered in sea fans and sponges she is a touch of elegance to protect against hurricanes, pirates, and poachers.

Another hurricane is headed our way so I’m asking Guadalupe for her blessings as Mexico’s Holy Virgin holds a special place in millions of Mexican hearts and mine as well.”

These pictures were engaging enough to stop people scrolling while the first sentence told them what and where it was.

Then I could get my message across as to why I was posting about Guadalupe. It is both personal and shows that local culture turns to her for protection. A powerful message in three sentences.

But first I needed to grab their attention so they didn’t scroll right on by. A sunken statue in crystal-clear Caribbean waters does that.

3. Keep it short.

The truth of the matter is that people on social media rarely read long posts. Honestly it has to be someone I respect greatly for me to stop and read a long post. If it’s a really long one, forget it.

I always think “I’ll read it later” or “I’ll come back to that” and of course, never do.

For optimum engagement you want to keep it short and sweet to get your point across. In the example above, it’s three sentences. That’s it. People will read that and then engage by liking or commenting because it conveys the point quickly.

Within 10 minutes of posting that to Facebook there were three comments and a lot of likes, love, and a good dose of caring cuddles thrown in. That tells me that not only did they take the time to read it, they understood and engaged.

Now go have fun creating great posts and enjoy the higher engagement.