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These days you don’t need a fancy camera worth thousands of dollars to take great photos—your smartphone is all you need.

Your smartphone is capable of taking amazing photos. The cameras have evolved to a point where it delivers clear, crisp images good enough for publication.

To prove it let me dispel a few common smartphone photography myths and give you some great examples of how your smartphone is more than up to the task.

Myth 1: Photos taken on smartphones don’t have enough pixels for publication in magazines.

Smartphone images are publishable. Let me rephrase that. If they are clear, then they are very publishable. If you take a blurry shot, then that’s on you, not the camera.

I’ve had smartphone photos published both digitally and in print. Let me give you an example:

This photo has been published in both of the top beekeeping magazines in the U.S. In print. Taken when the beekeeper lifted the lid off the hive so I could reach in for a close up, it has earnt me over $800 so far. Not bad for 30 seconds of work.

To give you an idea of what my iPhone 7 camera is capable of, this image’s dimensions are 4032×3024. This shows the number of pixels, width, and height.

To compare it with a good DSLR, my Canon 70D shoots at 5472×3648. Yes, my Canon is better. But unless you need to blow an image up to poster size or cover a wall, then your smartphone camera has more than enough pixels for publication.

Myth 2: Smartphones aren’t as good because they only have one lens.

While technically true, smartphones do only have one lens, these days you can buy fantastic pro lens kits for your smartphone for under $45, including wide angle lenses, macro lenses with LED lights, and a travel case.

If you are concerned your good old smartphone can’t do the job, these broaden your capabilities. But I haven’t needed one yet and find that my smartphone is more than capable of doing what I need, including shooting great saleable videos.

Myth 3: I could take better photos if I had a better camera.

Smartphone photography is easy, convenient, and can earn you money. It is good enough to get noticed by major publications and on social media platforms like Instagram.

I’m a travel writer so I want my images to be noticed by major travel publications and associations because that is how I make a living. So, having clear images helps me sell articles. I need to stand out so editors take notice, or I’m dead in the water.

Your smartphone is more than up to the task and good enough to give you a competitive edge with your photography.

To give you an idea, here are a couple of examples that have been picked up and shared by International Living. Both taken with my smartphone. This exposure is invaluable for my work as a travel writer and has made me the go-to girl when they think of the Caribbean.

Because Instagram is a photography-based platform, it is your place to shine. It helps you gain perks and free trips by keeping you at the front of their mind.  

Here’s a great example:

This image, taken while waiting for a ferry, gained me a speaking spot at an expat conference. The image was so memorable that it was the first thing the company thought of about the Mexican Caribbean.

The conference trip included a fancy ocean-front hotel room for the night and a five-star dinner at one of Cancun’s top restaurants—all for free from one smartphone image.

So, you can see how that amazing tool you carry around in your pocket—your smartphone—can enhance your photography and travel writing career.

Of course, all of the same photography basics apply. Lighting, composition, and the right subject make for a great shot. Your smartphone is not a miracle worker. If you take a less than desirable or blurry shot, then no one will want it.

Your smartphone has everything you need for great photography. All you need to do is take it out of your pocket and have some fun with it.