Travel Writing Course

Travel Writing Course

Would you like to see your stories in the pages of glossy travel magazines? Enjoy all-expenses-paid trips to your favorite destinations around the world? Earn a nice side income (or replace your day job) by doing something you truly love? Have the freedom that comes with being your own boss, working the hours you wish from wherever in the world you happen to be? Then travel writing could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Gone are the days when you needed previous writing experience or formal education to make it in the travel writing game. The digital age has opened up countless new markets to beginners, and all you need are a few simple secrets and insider advice to turn your idea or experience into a publishable piece.

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What is Travel Writing

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Travel writing comes in a number of forms, but the kind we’re talking about here is the practical travel story. Different to the traditional, literary-style travel essay, this kind of writing is a quick way to get your stories published (the market is vast and welcoming), so you can start cashing in on those great perks regularly offered to proven travel writers.

Our brand of travel writing means sharing your recommendations, how-to suggestions, time-saving, money-saving, and frustration-sparing tips.

We’ve seen new travel writers publish dozens of these types of articles in their first year alone—and get invited on to-die-for trips… all expenses paid.

How to Become a Travel Writer

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The beauty of travel writing is that, starting out, you can fit it in alongside your regular routine.

Many full-time travel writers we know started out this way… earning a nice side income while they continued to work other jobs.

The best way to get started as a travel writer is to write local stories.

Writing about local attractions allows you to build up your travel funds and get the few bylines you need to land free trips. Because your costs are little to nothing, any income you make on these local assignments is pure profit.

What Makes a Successful Travel Writer?

So, you don’t need formal qualifications… or a large stash of cash. But, you may wonder, what makes a good writer?…

According to Patti Morrow—a former lobbyist turned travel writer (and our “Queen of Press Trips”) the following characteristics really helped her to find success…


Determination. You need to be strongly motivated to succeed. It’s not rocket science, but you have to do the work; no one is going to just hand it to you, but there are people and programs that will help you.


Distinguishable. Make your writing different or distinct. Your perspective is unique because of your background and experiences.


Diligence. Make it a point to sit down at least 30 minutes a day to write. More often than not, that initial 30 minutes will transition into hours once you get on a roll.


Dependable. Always adhere to the editor’s guidelines and deadlines. If you can submit your article early, do it. If you get a last-minute assignment, do it, and become that publication’s go-to person. 


Do. As they say in showbiz, “80% of success is showing up.” Many say they would love to live the dreamy travel writer’s lifestyle… but they’re not willing to make it happen. Are you willing to “do?” 

Find out more about what travel writing involves and how to get started with our program below…

Our Travel Writing Program

With this program, you’ll:

  • Learn where to find the publications that make the most sense for your story, what to put in your letter to the editor, and when to send your article
  • Get the insider’s list of what not to do – you’d be surprised at how many writers have no idea what makes editors crazy
  • Find out the foolproof secrets to writing a saleable article every time – how to choose the right words, how to write powerful sentences, and how to draw your piece to a close
  • Discover how to take one research trip and come home with three articles – which can mean three times the income
  • Learn how to take advantage of the “perks” that go with this work, such as free vacations, free meals at the world’s best restaurants, and access to behind-the-scenes locations you’ve probably never seen
  • And more!
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