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“The beauty of being a travel writer is really looking at the world differently and showing other people how to do that.” – Gabi Logan

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Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry talks with special guest, Gabi Logan about her success in travel writing.

Gabi has been a full-time travel writer for almost 7 years.

Before starting her travel-writing career, Gabi was working on a degree in foreign language in Italy where she attended an Italian university. She needed a way to make an income while she was studying, so she began travel writing… sharing stories of places she visited in Italy.

Her ultimate plan was to get her Ph.D. and become an Italian professor.

“As I started travel writing, I realized that everything I wanted to do as a professor I could do as a travel writer” says Gabi.

So she switched her focus to travel writing full-time.

Gabi shares the truth about her income as a travel writer…

“I’m big on transparency and unfortunately with many travel writers, talking about money is like the ghost in the room. Most travel writers either have a sense that they’re not doing very well or that everyone else knows something they don’t know.

“In the first year, I only made between $17,000 to $20,000, but over the years it started doubling until I got to the point to where I was making 6 figures.”

Gabi is the author of “The 6 Figure Travel Writing Road Map,” where she provides readers with the keys to take their travel writing dreams to a level where they’re not just working for the perks, but also for the income.

In this episode of Great Escape Radio, Gabi shares some of her tips, tricks, and experiences that helped her obtain status as a six-figure travel writer. She also gives us a glimpse into a typical day in her life as a full-time travel writer.

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