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“Take off on a quest or a personal search until you find yourself. You either find yourself or decide to go home.”–Bel Woodhouse

Host, Jody Maberry and Director, Lori Allen introduce us to Bel Woodhouse.

“Bel is quite the spitfire,” says Lori. “She’s an ex-Navy kick butt woman!”

Bel makes an indelible impression on everyone she meets. With her combination of British and Australian slang, she inspired the attendees at last September’s Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Austin, Texas where she was on the success panel.

Formerly in the Royal Australian Navy, she now lives in Mexico.

“I left the Navy, sold everything, went on a walkabout, and ended up in Guatemala teaching English for a couple of years.”

Bel attended her first Travel Workshop in Washington DC and decided she was going to write full time.

Today she’s living in Cozumel and loving the life she’s created. She’s added photography and creating travel videos to her skills too.  Listen in as she shares her entertaining and inspiring story.

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