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“I can see someone’s idea without the lens of their fear…without the lens of their stories. And then I can help them take the first step.” – Allegra Stein

Host, Jody Maberry brings life coach Allegra Stein back to the show. To hear Allegra’s previous podcast episode, go here.

Allegra identifies herself as a “Thought and Action Coach for Women With Big Ideas.”

In the year since she last appeared on the show, Allegra’s been in family mode caring for her young children—which is always at the top of the list. She’s also been shifting the focus of her coaching practice a bit.

Allegra explains…

“I originally connected with Great Escape Publishing because my personal background involved a lot of travel. After college I joined the Peace Corps and lived in Bulgaria. Later I moved to New York City on my own.”

Allegra’s personal experience with picking herself up and moving somewhere else and her understanding of what it’s like to leave one thing and move into another led her to a coaching career focused on transitions and relocations.

“What I’ve come to see in my 6 years practicing as a coach is that what I really love most is a big idea!”

Allegra has shifted her practice to a focus on bringing ideas to life. Sometimes it’s professional, sometimes it’s personal, but helping people bring their ideas to life is what lights her up.

She’s embarking on a project to activate 100 ideas from September through June.

“If someone’s big idea is really divergent from their current expected or predicted path, they often don’t even want to say it out loud.”  

Allegra is there to help her clients take that first step and get the momentum going. She calls that micro-action.

Listen in for her inspiring advice and viewpoint. It only takes one step to change your life.

Allegra is committed to activating 100 ideas this September through June – get in on that project by connecting with her at or on Instagram @Allegrator.

Great Escape Publishing has several programs that will help you activate your ideas, too. Visit to see what inspires you.

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