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“You have a choice to look for rainbows or look for dirt, I choose to look for rainbows.”—Janette Tepas

Host, Jody Maberry and Director, Lori Allen introduce us to Janette Tepas.

“After attending the Great Escape Photography Workshop last year in San Diego I was inspired to try something new with my photos,” says Janette.

Focusing on her hometown of Chicago, Janette photographs local points of interest and uses her artistic skills to create unique art as note cards, jewelry, ornaments and paintings.

“I print my photos in black and white then, using watercolors, I hand-paint color directly onto the photos.”

And… she’s selling them!

“The workshop in San Diego helped me focus on what I could do by combining photography with the art skills I’ve developed over the years. It gave me inspiration and direction.”

Listen in as Jody and Janette talk more about her work and the various paths it has taken her so far.

Lori also talks more about how we can take things we have special access to and turns those into a unique photography niche.

If you’re interested in getting started on your unique path to photography, Lori suggests checking out a “Power Hour” recently created by Bonnie Caton, on her path to earning $10,000 from her photos in her spare time. You’ll find it at

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