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“I found out a long time ago, the harder I work, the luckier I get.” –Joe Sindorf

Host Jody Mayberry talks with Joseph Sindorf, an award-winning photographer and a favorite of everyone here.

Joe is heading to Namibia on the West Coast of Africa. It’s a new country for him and has been on his list for a while.

He’ll be exploring the country and introducing it to our members on one of our photo safaris.

Although Joe has been traveling for a long he still gets excited before a trip.

“Traveling is an incredible thrill for me and also a huge privilege,” says Joe. “It’s not something I take lightly. I realize many people dream of a life like this.”

Joe also understands the need to continue working hard.

“I have to continually market myself and my work. One assignment leads to another and a happy client leads to repeat work and introductions to new clients.”

Joe shares information about the gear he’s taking to Namibia and what he’s most looking forward to photographing while he’s there.

Visit for articles about our Namibia Photo Expedition with Joe. Also, check out the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop that will be held in Austin, Texas September 14-16. The workshop is an opportunity to learn about travel writing and there will be one day add-on workshops about photography as well. More details here:

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