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“We rise by lifting others.” –Robert Ingersoll

Host Jody Mayberry and Director Lori Allen, discuss technical difficulties, good and evil and much more in this week’s podcast.

Spurred on by the technical difficulties Jody has been experiencing lately with recording the podcasts, Lori shares other technical difficulties that happen when the “evil” side of her camera shows up, or when a technique she uses for writing fails her.

“Life’s a constant battle of good vs evil!”

She shares the message she found central to the plot of the recent “Wonder Woman” movie about spreading love as the way to save the world.

This philosophy is at the heart of our community.

“One reason I believe our community is so special is that we help each other. People are joining our community after having successful careers in other fields. We have to reinvent ourselves and we do it by lifting each other up.”

Lori had the vision for our community to be one that pays it forward years ago…

“Our community is built on accepting beginners and sharing our expertise with those just starting out.”

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