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“Authenticity over everything.”—Anonymous

In this episode, host Jody Mayberry talks with Breakfast Stock Club Creator, Bonnie Caton.

When Jody last spoke with Bonnie she was in Buenos Aires. You can listen to her last podcast episode here. Since then she’s backpacked through the Andes in Patagonia and spent a month in Bali. Now she’s back in Portland, Oregon and focusing on what’s new in photography.

Jody asks Bonnie about a recent newsletter she wrote for us about a huge new trend in photography… how fake is out and real is in.

“One of the things we talked about at our stock photography workshop in Provence, France was the trend of creating real photos versus the cheesy fake photos traditionally used for stock photography,” says Bonnie. “We’ve all seen perfect stock photos with a lineup of business people jumping in the air or perfect models set against white backgrounds.”

But now, stock agencies want authentic looking photos. They want real people—not models—doing real jobs.

“As a photographer, this takes the pressure off and makes stock photography a lot more fun!”

Bonnie shares her experience in the Provence workshop and her tips for creating authentic photos.

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