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They’re classic stock characters—the American tourists.

You know them when you see them—no matter the weather, they’re wearing sunglasses and visors. He’s all decked out in a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of rumpled shorts. She’s got her worldly belongings tucked into a neon-bright fanny pack.

They’re loud. They’re rude. They’re demanding that everyone accommodate them by speaking English. They’re sticking out like sore thumbs.

It might be funny on a TV show, but real life isn’t a sitcom. And we have a way to overcome this unfortunate stereotype.

Locals respect visitors who take the time to learn even a simple “Thank you” or “Please.”

As you’ll find, if you can speak even a smattering of the local lingo, many doors will open wide for you, giving you the freedom to move beyond what’s usually designated as a tourist spot.

But when you speak a second language you’ll also be able to connect and communicate with locals on a far more meaningful level than just shouting at them that you “No comprende.”

So far we’ve tested this program on more than 13,000 people.

It’s fun and it really works.

So why speak just one language when you can learn a new one by Christmas?

It sounds crazy, but that’s just because you’ve never seen anything like this before.

Sore thumbs no more.

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