Lori Allen Lori Allen is the Director of Great Escape Publishing, which publishes nearly thirty home-study programs, including The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program, Turn Your Pictures into Cash, Importing Fortunes and Leading Tours for Fun & Profit. Lori is also the Editor of The Right Way to Travel, which features articles geared to help writers and photographers improve their skill, sell their work, and earn an income through travel. Over the past twelve years, Lori Allen has worked personally with more than 3,000 budding travel writers and photographers to help them meet those same goals - to hone their writing and photography skills and to better market themselves to prospective clients and editors. Biggest confession: I just pretend to be a perfect packer. In reality, I actually violate all my own rules for packing. I always overpack. I always forget to pack headache medicine (and I get a headache on nearly every trip). And I have no idea how to judge temperatures. If the weather report says 70 degrees, I don't know if that means shorts or pants, long sleeve or short. In the end I usually pack both and wear only a third of what I bring. And since I'm already giving up my travel flaws, I should also mention that I get insanely motion sick when I travel and I never take anything for it. You'd think I'd carry Dramamine or Bonine with me wherever I go (even a short taxi ride makes me dizzy). But no, I never remember it. I guess the saving grace is that if I ever get sick, I've got enough clothes in my bag to change.