Earn $100 A Pop Making Short Videos

Most businesses have a Facebook page. And most want short videos to put on it. This could be the start to your videography business. These short videos are very easy to create with a few simple tricks. You simply turn up with your smartphone, film for an hour, edit the video down to about a…

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3 Tips To Get Started As A Money-Making Videographer

Today, I’m sitting on the end of a dock entranced by the ripples created by the comfortable breeze and the bright sunshine. Over my shoulder in the western sky, late summer thunderheads are building and white egrets are shrimping. This setting makes me think of a question I hear often, “How did you get here?”…

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Tips For Making Your First Video Sale

Shortly after signing up for Travel Videos for Profit, I was talking to one of my best friends who runs an ad agency. She asked if I thought video could help one of her clients gain more visibility for a product, and I was able to tell her what I’d learned from Chapter One of…

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