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Jen will host our brand-new project, Travel Better, Sell More: The “New World” of Travel Writing Online Workshop, this August 21-22.

As we say in the video, this is an unprecedented time for travel writers, and that necessitates a completely fresh new way to talk about how you can succeed in the industry.

Designed from the ground up with the “new world” of travel writing in mind, this online workshop will bring you access to editors, expert travel writers, and tourist boards in a way that we were never able to do before.

One question people ask all the time is: Where can I send this story I’ve written? So that’s something we’ll address in detail.

We’re bringing in the “big guns”—the guys with the checkbooks—and they’re going to show you exactly what they want to write those checks for.

We’ll put you inside an editor’s head so you can begin to channel what these guys are really looking for. So you can feel confident in the stories you’re proposing and writing.

You’ll come away from this online workshop with easy, proven techniques for landing no-cost trips…real-world advice for turning your travel know-how into cash…tried-and-true ways to transform your vacations into tax-deductible adventures…and more…

So join us in August, and we’ll keep you on top of the changing industry trends—particularly important this year as so much has changed—and bring you the most current templates for what’s working right now.

It’s all part of our brand-new Travel Better, Sell More: The “New World” of Travel Writing Online Workshop, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it.