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19 years ago, I never would have guessed I’d be a writer.

Maybe like you, I’d never actually written anything. And aside from snapshots of my travels and friends, I’d never taken pictures, either.

Fast forward 19 years and now I do both.

Fresh out of college, my priority was to get a job near the beach. Specifically, the beach in Florida, since my friend lived there, and we liked being in the ocean on a regular basis. So, I interviewed at a company called American Writers & Artists Inc.

They hired me to be a marketer—which was perfect, because it meant poring over data reports and testing new ideas, and I’m kind of a math nerd. But their Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program kept calling to me, as if there were some bigger purpose there.

In my spare time I read through it and thought, “I could really do this.” Eventually, that became “I need to do this,” and my love for all things travel and writing was born.

Within a few short years, I left my job as a marketer at AWAI and built Great Escape Publishing—a business centered on travel, adventure, and doing the things you really want to do in life.

I took The Ultimate Travel Writer’s program with me and later added photography, video, travel blogging, import/export, and tours.

This is what Great Escape Publishing is today—everything you need to design a life centered around the idea of having fun and being who you want to be.

In the process of building it stronger every year, I became all these things, too—a writer, photographer, blogger, and tour leader.

Did I start out that way? No way. Not this math nerd! But step-by-baby-step I got here, and you will, too. 

Sometime last year, new ideas started calling to me the way the Ultimate Travel Writer’s program had years ago. I realized it was time to move on to build the next adventure.

Around that time—as if by fate—an amazing opportunity came along to merge Great Escape with another fantastic company.

So, we’re doing that… and I’ve decided to leave Great Escape to pursue my next adventure.

Everything is going to change for me. But nothing will change for you.

I’m leaving Great Escape in the fun and capable hands of International Living Magazine, whom you may already know as the industry expert on living and retiring overseas. It’s a great fit because they share the same vision of enjoying life to the fullest.

Great Escape will stay Great Escape. Our programs will be the same and your access to them will stay the same.  I will just no longer be at the helm. 

What International Living brings to the table is even more resources for updates… more access to new instructors… and a whole bunch of new opportunities that match up with the dream life you’re here to build.

Really, there couldn’t be a better fit.

And I’ll be around for the next four months, too, to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

I’m taking this opportunity to embark on the next chapter of my life and I hope you’ll take a close look at your own life this week, too. There’s so much out there for us to do. So many dreams to reach out and grab–and opportunities to build yourself a better life. 

International Living is going to do their best to provide you with all the best resources they have and they can build.

And there’s no better time than right now to put those dreams in motion.

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